Book, ’em, Dan-o: NBC writes ‘The End’ for Quinn drama

Well, that was fast. NBC has quickly yanked the plug on “Book of Daniel.” “Emily’s-Reasons-Why-Not”-fast, but still less time than Christ actually spent on the cross.

But this is network television, folks, not HBO: Ads matter, even more than ratings. 061612142_DANIELS-TEASelgr.jpg

Shockingly enough, series creator Jack Kenny kept a blog about “Daniel’s” rapid deterioration from innovative schedule savior to crucified scapegoat. His belief that Christians would embrace the Aidan Quinn-toplined show rather than scorn it shows either a refreshing belief in the better angels of our nature, or incredible naivete.

Either way, worth a look, now that the only TV Jesus with a sense of humor is on “South Park.”

Oh, yeah: And on the cover of “Rolling Stone.”