Boogie Board to be on Dislay at CES 2012

CES is just over a week away, and the last minute minute press releases are piling up. Improv Electronics, makers of the Boogie Board digital writing slates, told me earlier this week that they will be exhibiting at CES in January.

This is this their first trip to CES, and they plan to have both their old and new Boogie Board tablets on display. The Boogie Board RIP, which was only released a few months ago, will be the focal point of the booth.

The Boogie Board tablets are based on a new type of screen tech that was developed by Kent Displays. This cLCD screen is simlat to Eink in that it is low-power and only works with a single color, but it differs from E-ink in that the only to change a cLCD screen is to write on it, or to exert some other type of pressure.

A cLCD screen isn’t much good for displaying stored info, and that’s why Improv turned it into a writing tablet. The first model was released in early 2010, and the latest model, the Boogie Board RIP, was released just a couple months ago. The RIP adds one important feature that the original Boogie Board lacked; it lets you save the notes you write on it. But it also costs a fair amount more than the original ($130 vs $40).

Improv Electronics