Bonnie Fuller to Announce New ‘Media’ Venture ‘Shortly’

bfullerhep1.jpgBonnie Fuller, no longer queen bee at American Media Inc., has something up her sleeve. “My next venture will be in media,” she told us when we reached her by phone this evening. “I really can’t give you any details… but there’s something specific I want to do.” She said she’ll announce the new endeavor “shortly.”

She called the decision to leave “100 percent” hers, adding that she was “thinking about the next stage in life and the new, exciting adventure I’ll pursue.”

When we asked her if she would be doing something at an established company (a la Brandon Holley, who jumped to Yahoo) or start her own site (like Tina Brown and her news aggregator), Fuller told us those were “very good questions,” but declined to say more. Judging by her tone, we expect she’ll have some very good answers much sooner than anyone anticipates.