Bonnie Fuller Bites Bad Mommies/Still Cashes AMI’s Checks


Bonnie Fuller shows that she has bigger balls than Santa Claus, as well as no sense of irony and a truly awkward relationship with written English as she rips in to Britney Spears, Madonna, and Angelina Jolie for being bad, bad mommies.

Fuller writes in the Huffington Post, figuring, no doubt, that the faithful readers of her employer’s dubious products won’t ever read her screed, and that those hoity-toity types who do read the HuffPost will embrace her for the hard-hitting “journalist” she is. How many gallons of ink and millions of pixels have been wasted by her, during her ill-famed career, informing the public of every move–naked, clothed, or scantily-clad–made by these women (and their children) that she rages about now? Don’t bite the butt that feeds you, Bonnie, unless of course, you’re looking for a way out of your contract.

Fuller’s out and out hypocrisy is apparent in this sentence, as she seeks to align herself with the minivan moms:

But we have never, no never, used our kids as paparazzi bait

Fuller writes the checks for those candid kiddie shots. making her only inches away from being a pornographer. If, by some horrible accident, one of Britney Spears’s sons ended up floating face-down in a wading pool, Fuller would sell a kidney for the photos.

Fuller thinks that her parenting practices stack up just fine when compared to these celebrities. They very well might. She’s kissing her own ass while putting the boot in the faces of the very people whose foibles have made her a rich woman.