Bondsy App Lets Friends Barter For Products & Services

Do you make books and you want to trade some for some free trade coffee your friend sells? Well there is a new app to help people make such transactions possible digitally. Bondsy lets friends share objects or services that they have to trade, be it books, tickets, homemade jewelry, guitar lessons or even a ride to work. Their friends can bid on these items and offer exchanges.

You can water my plants while I’m out of town, for instance, and I’ll feed your cat the next time you travel. The app offers a private social network so you can only allow access to people that you want to trade with. It’s like Craigslist for friends.

To list an item, you can take a photo and write a description. Maybe it’s a picture of your baby, because you are looking for a babysitter on Friday night. Your friends are able to “grab” the offer and they can then ask you for an exchange on their end. And like every social network, you can even like posts on Bondsy, even if you’re not taking advantage of the item up for offer.