Boehner’s Beach Party: Journos Keep Out!

House Minority Leader John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) big beach bash fundraiser is tonight at Cantina Marina, but allegedly there won’t be any journos in attendance – at least none who will be writing about anything they see there.
Coming on the heels of Boehner warning members of the GOP not to involve themselves in anything that remotely resembles hanky panky with female lobbyists, no journalists are on tonight’s guest list.
“It’s just lobbyists and lawmakers getting drunk,” said a spy who attended in the past.
Numerous calls to Boehner’s campaign office by FishbowlDC about media attendance were ignored. Of course, journalists are rarely allowed to attend fundraisers. Sometimes they squeak by.
Party highlights:
• They cover the Cantina’s floor in sand.
• Lawmakers dancing
• Boehner’s “famous” margarita
• Lawmakers in Hawaiian shirts
• Disgusting food in warming trays; tepid fried plantains
For more on the party, read here, and here. The below invitation is from last year.