Bob Woodruff Visits ABC Newsroom For First Time Since Injury

ABC News anchor Bob Woodruff visited ABC’s newsroom in New York yesterday afternoon for the first time since being injured in Iraq in January. Over 100 staffers greeted Woodward, who was accompanied by ABC News president David Westin, told those gathered, “Man, it’s good to be here.”

Jon Banner, executive producer of World News Tonight, wrote on the World Newser blog that Woodruff was greeted with a spontaneous round of applause: “There was barely a dry eye.”

Charles Gibson closed the nightly news broadcast with a segment on the visit.

“Bob was unconscious — asleep he says — for 36 days after the IED explosion in Iraq.”

The full transcript:

Finally tonight, many of you who watch this broadcast — and even many who don’t — have been kind enough in recent weeks to inquire about the welfare of Bob Woodruff.

Bob, you’ll recall, was seriously injured while he was reporting for this broadcast — doing what he knew and loved.

For the first time since his injuries, he came back to the newsroom today — back to this studio.

Bob Woodruff: “Missed you all, missed you all.”

As you might expect, he attracted a crowd.

David Westin, ABC News President: “So, the plan was not to mob you, right? This was beautifully executed.”

Bob was unconscious — asleep he says — for 36 days after the IED explosion in Iraq.

Bob Woodruff: “I woke up in this hospital and I looked up and I just thought about you guys and I thought about everything that I wanted badly to come back to.”

His wife Lee:

Lee Woodruff: “Bob is the luckiest guy in the world, as his surgeons have said, but I also think a large part of healing is being surrounded by people who care about you and love you and he has had that from everyone here.”

He has had it for the past five months… And he’s got it for the future…

Bob Woodruff: “Man, it’s good to be here…”