Journo’s Press ID Causes Airport Headache

This week we ran a line saying that journalists may use their federally issued press passes to sail through security in airport lines. While that is true, it hasn’t all been a cake walk, at least not for WTOP’s “Man About Town” Bob Madigan, who was inconvenienced at Boston’s Logan Airport Thursday.

“Too bad everyone at TSA doesn’t know that,” Madigan wrote FishbowlDC this morning. “I have used mine at airports all over the country for years.  It hangs around my neck and is easier than taking my driver’s license out of my wallet.  Twice now in Boston at Logan (last month and yesterday) it has been challenged despite it filling the requirements of a government issued photo ID with an expiration date.  Each time several higher ups were called in.  In May after 15 minutes they relented.  Yesterday they would not accept it until I produced a corroborating picture ID.  Reluctantly I produced my DL which anyone can get with a utility bill as proof of eligibility.”

Madigan says he was delayed only 10 minutes. He said he wasn’t annoyed since TSA employees didn’t make things hellish for him. “They were exceedingly polite and of good humor,” he said.

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