Bob Grant Returns To NY Radio; Conservatives Rejoice

Step 1 for a 1980s radio timewarp: Bring back WCBS-FM.

Step 2: Bring Bob Grant back to WABC.

The local radio mainstay, who pretty much bought right-wing talk radio to New York with his old WCMA show in the 1970s, was fired from WABC in 1995. Although allegations of racism & homophobia followed Grant for most of his career, he was picked up by WOR radio shortly after his firing. Grant left WOR in early 2006.

Grant, as a member of talk radio’s old guard, is relatively mild in his on-air shtick compared to, say, Sean Hannity or Michael Savage. Still… we imagine a lot of New York’s radio listeners will be pleased with this development.

Between this and WCBS-FM, it’s like 1985 (for radio) all over again.