Bob Edwards Back To Public Airwaves

obedwards.jpgWord out of XM Satellite Radio this morning that 18 months after he was unceremoniously dropped from public radio, Bob Edwards will be available on public radio again. PRI, the distributor of shows like “This American Life,” will start carrying a weekly version of Edwards’ greatest hits from his XM show.

Edwards, who during 25 years at NPR became one of the best known voices on radio, has been hidden from public view at XM since his show launched on the network’s public radio channel. The two-hour “Bob Edwards Weekend” will include snippets and interviews from his daily XM show

“We are thrilled to offer Bob to our public radio affiliates,” says PRI’s Alisa Miller in a press release today. “His probing style, acerbic wit, and delightful humor are unparalleled, and listeners will enjoy hearing some of the best guests, profiles, and other features he presents each week.”