B&N, HopStop.com Find a Seat on the Subway Together

As the e-reader wars continue to escalate, bookseller Barnes & Noble is looking at some niche-targeted mobile channels in which to promote its Nook reader.

Case in point: HopStop.com’s new Android app. After a beta test that began in December, HopStop, a provider of pedestrian and mobile transit locator services, is launching the new app this week and has signed B&N to an ad deal that gives it a two-month exclusive sponsorship period on the app to promote the Nook.

B&N will continue to advertise on the app after the two-month exclusive window, said Joe Meyer, CEO of HopStop.

Meyer said that the B&N strategy “meshes well” with HopStop’s group of active commuters, which number over 4 million across 37 markets. And one-third of them earn more than $100,000 annually.

BarnesandNoble.com has a library of more than 2 million digital titles said Sasha Norkin, the company’s vp of digital marketing. Plugging into the HopStop Android app, Norkin said, “is a great way for commuters to enjoy reading while on the go. . . . [B&N] is always looking for new approaches to connect with engaged consumers.”

The parties wouldn’t divulge precise terms of the sponsorship arrangement, but Meyer did say that it was based on a flat monthly fee.