Bloomberg View Launches

As we said yesterday, Bloomberg View was rumored to launch today, and guess what? It has. The entire Bloomberg site has been revamped too. Josh Tyrangiel, Editor-in-Chief of Bloomberg Businessweek, tells paidContent that this was a neccesary step:

Over the years Bloomberg has continued to add a lot of terminal subscribers. The website was a gravy boat. We could get by with that. But the company wants to be the most influential news organization—and the web is the way to take advantage of of it.

The new site is clean and uncluttered, with Bloomberg View set up along other sections such as “Leaders,” “Technology” and “Personal Finance.”

According to a post by the editors of Bloomberg View, the goal of the new venture is “to describe the world clearly and honestly; to test its opinion against legitimate counterarguments. That doesn’t mean it is always right. But it has no purpose other than to get things right – and to give readers enough understanding to disagree with what’s been written.”

A smart beginning. Let’s see how this plays out, shall we?