Bloomberg Television: Most Affluent Audience?

Frankly, we’ve never known anyone who watches Bloomberg Television after the closing bell, so does that mean we’re not swishy enough? Bloomberg television has the eyeballs of the C-Suite set, says the annual Mendelsohn Affluent Survey, which measures, among other indicators, the American media consumption of male or female heads of households with income of more than $85,000. “Bloomberg Television has had the most affluent U.S. audience and highest concentration of C-suite viewers in the U.S. according to this survey, for several years,” emailed Bloomberg’s Judith Czelusniak, from London, no doubt doing swishy things. “The 2007 survey is due to be released within a few months; the press release, which announces the new Europe survey, references the 2006 U.S. survey … which is the most recent objective survey that exists for U.S. viewers.”

Charmed, we’re sure.

— Ron Mwangaguhunga