Bloomberg Radio’s GM Talks Journalists and Radio

With all the different formats a journalist can tell a story these days, like blogs, television, web video and even on dead trees, it’s important to know how to use them all. But one platform that often gets overlooked is radio.

Still, with Bloomberg Businessweek Radio’s recent launch, it brings up a decent question: Do journalists make for good performers on the old FM? You mostly hear about boisterous talking heads on the tubes, but can journalists bring quality content to the table as well?
Talking Biz News spoke with Bloomberg Radio’s GM Al Mayers about this issue. His response was rather practical.

“Journalists from any medium can be top performers in radio, as long as they have a solid understanding of the content, know how to tell a story and can engage the listener in a lively and conversational manner.”

I would think you would also need a smooth silky voice or sound as if you’ve been drinking scotch and smoking cigarettes for 20 years, but maybe that’s simply my tastes’ talking.