Bloomberg Drops ‘Business’ in Site Revamp

The new site still gives us a headache.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 8.50.26 AMThe folks at Bloomberg have finally realized the convoluted redesign/rename of last year was a mistake. Going forward, will simply be Bloomberg Business is no more.

“With the establishment of our identity as leader in global business media, we no longer believe that the brand—Bloomberg Business—is required to explain who we are,” wrote Bloomberg Media CEO Justin Smith, in a memo. “Our new approach returns us to ‘Bloomberg’ as our over-arching umbrella brand that will house our five growing sub-brands. As our ad campaign stated, Business is Bloomberg, and we are fully embracing this position going forward.”

This is a good thing. Bloomberg Business was an unnecessary, confusing change. Simplicity is always preferred.

With all that said, the new is still, uh, a mess. There’s way too much going on. It’s difficult to navigate because of the information overload. Just try and look at the homepage and not get a headache. But hey, at least Bloomberg Business is gone. Baby steps, right?