Blonde arithmetic: Coulter finally out of ammo

Now, when have you, dear reader, known pundit commando Ann Coulter – she of the high cheekbones and cheekier logical diatribes – to run out of air when pointing out the sins of the Left? Fishbowl didn’t think it were possible until we read her opening salvo for the year on, in which she vainly makes a case that the Clintons (natch) were to blame for the Rwandan genocide because their inauguration party lasted for a week.
It seems to us that everyone has written off Ann as a nutjob and therefore refuses to take anything she says seriously, but why is that, we wonder? As long as she gets airtime on Hardball, why the tut-tutting and shrugging? Why the slack? Do lefty pundits view blondness as dumbness, and therefore as inconsequential? If so, then the joke’s on them. Absent any real opposition from the other corner, readers can coolly ponder the fact that the Bush re-election was the worst thing for her – righteous ire doesn’t grow when you’ve got a strong tailwind.
So scratch her off the gamepad as a voice that matters, at least until 2008. Memo to Frank Rich and other dormant, sulking liberal foghorns: This is your cue. Use it. Before Hillary sucks all the oxygen out of the room and blows it for you. Again.