Former Redbook Editor-in-Chief Will Nurture, the female-focused aggregator launched in 2005 by a trio of women, has become an Internet force to be reckoned with. The site’s most recent stats peg monthly uniques at upwards of 26 million (!) and investors include GE/NBC’s Peacock Equity Fund.

Today, the Belmont, California based company announced it has hired author and former Redbook magazine editor-in-chief Stacy Morrison to head up, a spinoff that will focus on “what moms are thinking, saying and doing on the web.” The site launched with a major sponsor, County Crock, already in place. From today’s press release:

“This is a thrilling conversation to join and shape, in the best women’s community on the web,” says Morrison. “Women bloggers have always led the way with their funny, frank, honest and brave voices, and I’m so thrilled to work with BlogHer in a space dedicated to so much of what BlogHer has always stood for: self-discovery, community and helping women continually define and reach for their best vision of who they can be.”

In a post today on, Morrison highlights a dramatic testimonial from affiliated “A Little Bite of Life” blogger Jules.