Blogging About Blogging About Blog Design


An interesting piece over at Brandon Wood‘s site, “In An Era of Feed Readers, Does Blog Design Still Matter?” The conclusion, as reached by the site, is, in short, “Yeah, kinda, but content should always be your focus,” of which the latter is fairly obvious, but that first part opens up a world of conversation. This writer, personally, doesn’t comb through feeds because he wants that experience connecting with sites, so the design is drastically important. And we wager there’s a whole slew of people like us, in addition to the huge quantity of internet users who don’t even know what a feed is (see: 99% of people on the internet). And while we may not be the most beautiful destination on the web, and we understand the point they’re making, we find it hard to stomach the examples used in the post, namely Scoble’s blog, which we aren’t going to link to because we agree with Airbag. There’s just got to be a cutoff where we go from “design isn’t important for my blog” to “I’m actively trying to make mine look as terrible as possible to dissuade readership.” Still, there’s probably a nice little discussion in here somewhere.