Bloggers Succumb To ‘Kwik-E-Mart’ Ploy


7-Eleven 42nd Street now a ‘Kwik-E-Mart’

We’re excited for The Simpsons Movie to come out. And, suckers for a good marketing ploy, we’re even happier that 7-Eleven rebranded a number of their stores as Kwik-E-Marts that serve authentic Simpsons-y treats like KrustyO’s and Buzz Cola. In fact, the 42nd Street 7-Eleven is now a Kwik-E-Mart. Of course, in this new media world, bloggers will get their hands on Simpsons food. They will write about them. They will complain about the lack of Duff Beer. They will try the real life Squishees, pink donuts, Buzz Cola and KrustyO’s. And they will find them lacking:

“So, yeah…the KrustyO’s were groin-grabbingly transcendent, and one should drink Buzz Cola if they want to get sick and die and leave a big cola-esque corpse. PS. Serve chilled.”

Newsday reviewed 7-Eleven’s Simpsons food too. Buzz Cola is “reminiscent of the sugarless Diet Coke despite being sugarized to high heaven” and KrustyO’s “taste uncannily like Froot Loops.” Let it be said, however, that the Kwik-E-Mart gas station is amazing.