Blogger Gets Wisdom Teeth Pulled

Soup and mush. This is what Center for American Progress fellow Matthew Yglesias is eating these days as the result of getting his wisdom teeth yanked. Big FishbowlDC fan WaPo‘s Ezra Klein explained on Twitter over the weekend how miraculous it was that his friend was still writing despite getting teeth pulled. He called him the “ironman of blogging.”

Klein gushed of his longtime Journolist pal: “The amount of posting that’s gone on despite wisdom-tooth extraction really makes @mattyglesias the ironman of blogging.”

Meanwhile, Ygelsias took us through the chronological sequence of his various states of mush:

“Who needs reasons when you’ve got percocet?”

“Just 90 minutes left in horrible clear liquids diet. Never thought I’d look forward to soup this much.”

“After my 72 hours of clear liquids, I’m on to 48 hours of soft mush only.”