Blitzer, Sanchez Discover SNL | Women: We Do Things | Facebook Doesn’t Fail At Something

FishbowlDC: SNL did something funny by once again allowing Jason Sudeikis to do an impression of Wolf Blitzer. Rick Sanchez then discussed this with Blitzer himself, which brought everything full circle and back to unfunny.

Women’s Media Center: In honor of Women’s History Month, I would like to share that 1) women exist and 2) have so throughout history, sometimes while accomplishing great things. So, 3) here are some women currently continuing that trend.

Geekosystem: Betty White is going to host SNL, thanks to Facebook. So, hey. Good for them for finally helping to achieve something other than stealing code or sending strangers your personal messages.

ED2010: Here are some publications that were snubbed for ASME Digital Ellie noms. It’s ok, HuffPo. For every Hope Floats, there’s a The Blind Side.

Mashable: Q: Did Blog Buzz for “Hurt Locker” Predict Its Oscar Win? A: What?

TVNewser: ABC is hiring. Awkward.