Blind Items!

At last night’s Hay Adams rooftop book party for Stephen Hayes’Cheney” …

-Which journalist was this close to getting Cheney to drop some serious fly-fishing knowledge before, in the words of the journalist, “all these ball-waxers surrounded us and ruined the conversation”?

-Which Weekly Standard reporter must have a sore throat from telling everyone, “Hi, I’m so and so from the Weekly Standard. Who are you?”

-Which Internet sensation made Cheney slightly uncomfortable by trying to get him to talk about his wild and crazy ladies man days?

-Which political strategist admitted that she’d definitely go home with James Gandolfini?

-Which columnist explained why 20 year old girls are better than 35 year old girls?

-Which K Street type regretted that was not an available domain name?

-Which Prince of Darkness was harassed from the inside of a passing car by some Cole Porter-loving party goers?

-Which MSNBC type was ecstatic about having the night free of family and professional obligations?

-Which ABC employee confessed that she’s the head of the Furry Association of America?

-Which reporter thanked the Lord that he’s no longer doing those three-month long presidential campaign reporter assignments?