Blind Item: What ‘Media CEO’ Would Spend $280,000 On A Poem Everyone Knows?

stnick_poem.jpgVia AP:

NEW YORK — A businessman paid $280,000 for an original 1860 handwritten copy of the classic poem that begins “‘Twas the night before Christmas” and read it to friends at a party, an auction gallery said Tuesday. The buyer, identified only as the chief executive officer of a media company, received the copy of the poem this month, just in time to read it to relatives and business associates at a holiday party in his Manhattan apartment.

Hrmm, let’s see. Tom Freston? Nope, this CEO’s current, and Freston’s poems generally involve things like polishing brass and subscribing to the Wall Street Journal. Rupert Murdoch? Well, Fox News p.r. is into holiday poems, but Rupe gets sleepy during the holidays. Nick Denton? St. Nick? We may be onto something here.

Send FishbowlNY your guesses, and we’ll compile ’em.