Blast some undead heads with Call of Mini: Sniper

Call of Mini: Sniper (formerly Call of Mini: Last Stand) is a first-person shooter title for iOS from Triniti Interactive. Rather than task players with freely wandering around a map, however, Call of Mini: Sniper sits players in a high-up location with a variety of high-powered weaponry and challenges them to fend off incoming zombie hordes for as long as possible.

In each of the game’s levels, the objective is the same: prevent the zombies from reaching the “safe house” location. Zombies generally approach from several routes at once, forcing the player to survey their surroundings carefully in order to prioritize their targets. A “perimeter alarm” sounds if zombies get too close to the safe house, allowing the player to quickly respond to threats.

Controls are kept very simple. Tapping on the screen zooms in on that location, regardless of whether the player is using a sniper rifle or a more short-range weapon. Sliding a finger across the screen allows the view to be panned around for precise aiming, and a fire button in the corner of the screen attacks. Up to three weapons may be taken into battle at once and switched between by tapping in the corner of the screen. Sniper rifles have a long range and high power, but fire slowly. Rifles fire rapidly but only have a limited range.

The game monetizes through its in-game shop, where various weapons and “buff” items may be purchased for either soft or hard currency. There do not appear to be any weapons that are “premium only” — purchasing with hard currency simply allows players to acquire them more quickly if they are willing to pay the money to use them.

Call of Mini: Sniper features simple but effective social features via Game Center. A selection of Achievements provide players with challenges to complete, while leaderboard support encourages friendly competition among friends. Players are ranked according to their best scores on the stage — though given at the time of writing the top score is apparently 100,000,039 kills on a single level it’s rather likely some less scrupulous players have been cheating.

Call of Mini: Sniper is a straightforward game that doesn’t try to pretend it’s more than it is. It’s quite simply a good quality zombie survival game with simple controls, attractive stylized visuals and an addictive quality to its gameplay. All this — and the fact that the game is free-to-play — have contributed to it enjoying a healthy degree of success in the App Store charts recently, with the game rising as high as No. 29 in Top Free Apps and No. 16 in Top Free Games in mid-April. Following a decline in popularity in early May, the game is enjoying a resurgence of popularity thanks to a recent update which added a new level and a selection of new rocket launcher weapons for players to use.

Call of Mini: Sniper is currently No. 165 in Top Free Apps and No. 34 in Top Free iPad Apps. In the Games genre, the title is ranked at No. 62 in the top iPhone games chart and No. 16 in the top iPad games chart.

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