Blame Canada! No Hulu North of the Border

Those of you listening to our Morning Media Menu will already be aware of the fact that FishbowlNY has been coming to you this week from north of the border. Noticed anything different? We just did. Turns out is not available up here(!) (Hulu’s explanation after the jump) a discovery we just made when we tried to embed a SNL vid in our last post ( works fine doesn’t appear to allow us on either). Also giving us some problems? The Daily Show.

One supposes this shouldn’t be a complete surprise considering you need some sort of illegal satellite setup up here to receive HBO (or so we’ve heard!). Or that Americans living along the border were able to used Canadian Internet(?) to get their Olympic coverage in real time. Still! Not exactly world wide is it? Anyway, point being, you should expect less video for the next few days.

Q : Why can’t I watch your videos from outside the U.S.?

For now, Hulu is a U.S. service only. That said, our intention is to make Hulu’s growing content lineup available worldwide. This requires clearing the rights for each show or film in each specific geography and will take time. We’re encouraged by how many content providers have already been working along these lines so that their programs can be available over the Internet to a much larger, global audience. The Hulu team is committed to making great programming available across the globe.