BlackBerry Storm 2 Dumps SurePress Click Screen

BlackBerry Storm 1 photo courtesy of RIM (left); BlackBerry Storm 2 photo courtesy of (right)

RIM’s SurePress click screen was one of those feature ideas that seemed extremely intriguing before anyone tried it and then lost its luster after people got their hands on it (literally) when the BlackBerry Storm was released last year. Accodring to this item from Engadget…

BlackBerry Storm 2: the official unofficial hands-on

…RIM has dumped this technology/feature entirely in the upcoming BlackBerry Storm 2.

The good ol’ physical keyboard (whether full-size, netbook size or thumb keyboard size) is one of those old school technologies that is very very difficult to replace. The iPhone screen keyboard can’t replace it, speech recognition can’t replace it and SurePress not only can’t replace it but has also become extinct in less than a year.