BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet: Can it Compete with the iPad, Android OS 3.0 Tablets, or Even an HP webOS Tablet?

Video courtesy of CrackBerry

A friend of mine who I know of as a former Windows Mobile user (Touch Pro2) and current Android user (T-Mobile G2) came up to me and excitedly asked: Have you seen the video demo of RIM’s unreleased BlackBerry PlayBook tablet? I had not. But, since my friend is a very knowledegable technologist, I took a look at CrackBerry’s video seen embedded above.

A Hands-On Pre-Release Review of the BlackBerry PlayBook

The PlayBook is a QNX based (not BlackBerry OS) tablet. Its graphical user interface certainly looks good. However, I noticed it seemed to become a bit sluggish as the demo progressed. The unit demoed is not a production unit. So, I wouldn’t use it as an indication of how the finished product will perform. It faces an uphill battle against the established iPad and soon-to-be-established Android OS 3.0 based tablets. HP’s webOS based tablets may prove to be a capable platform too if it has sufficient hardware resources.