BlackBerry 10 Selling Well in UK & Canada

RIM launched the BlackBerry 10, the company’s new comeback smartphone, in the UK and Canada this week. Sales appear to be going well in these markets, depending on who you ask.

European Managing Director Stephen Bates at RIM told Mobile Industry Review on Tuesday that, “Stores sold out and the feedback — very important from store staff on the ground — is that the customer reaction has been great.”

BGR called these numbers into question, pointing out that while the sales may be going well, the expectations were very low and stores were only carrying very small supplies in both countries. Here is more from the blog: “A number of industry watchers followed up the BlackBerry Z10′s launch in the UK with customary checks at various retailers. While these checks did reaffirm earlier reports of widespread stock-outs, they also found that by and large, retailers didn’t have many Z10 handsets to begin with.”

TechCrunch reported today that: “U.K. mobile phones retailer Phones 4u has confirmed that a majority of its stores sold out of the first BlackBerry 10 handset in its first weekend of sales. Phones 4u said 55 per cent of its 680 stores sold out of both black and white versions of the Z10.”

The company will launch the phone in the U.S. next month.