Black Babies, Get Yours on Ebay!

madonna_orphans_01.jpgOK, not really. But almost. April Winchell (she’s this week’s FBLA hero, apparently) has created a line of, as she calls them “googly-eyed African Orphan dolls.” Her sales pitch? “Now anyone
can adopt one!”

Winchell tells FBLA: “They come with beautifully designed adoption papers. They cost a fraction of the price of buying an actual child, since you don’t have to pay off any government officials. And you can leave them in your car while you do Pilates. It’s perfect! Orphans for the rest of us. I may trademark that.”

Sales of these will go toward a charity auction beneifting American orphans and underprivileged kids (“Seems like high time for that,” she tells us. “My hope is to turn these crappy toys of mine into real toys for needy kids.”)