7 Better Ways To Wish Someone Happy Birthday On Facebook

With every passing day, the number of friends on our social graphs increases, and our daily “birthday” list increases proportionally as well. Unfortunately, this means that we may sometimes just shoot out the standard “Happy Birthday” message on someone’s wall when we mean to show them a bit a more attention. I came up with a few interesting ways to better wish someone a happy birthday on Facebook.

Post A Photo on Their Wall

If you’re wishing happy birthday to someone you know well, find a photo of the two of you having a good time and post it to their wall along with the “happy birthday” greeting. It will remind them of some good times and bring a smile to their face. I’ve found that posting interesting photos also triggers some reminiscing from other friends, and a little birthday thread about the birthday boy/girl will likely ensue.

Make them an Animoto Video

Animoto has long been one of my favorite Facebook applications. All you have to do is choose a theme, an assortment of pictures and some music, and Animoto will mix them together and generate a music video with professional special effects. These really go a long way to showing someone you care, and don’t really take a lot of time. Give it a shot!

Surprise Birthday Fan Page

If you’re looking to be a bit creative, make them a surprise birthday fan page! Make a private fan page and invite all of the special person’s friends to join. Maybe name it “Happy Birthday” or “Person is the Best!”. Once you’re done with that, unveil it on their birthday and ssurprise them! This works nice for those big years for people who aren’t in town or available to come to the party. Maybe ask all the people who join the fan page to leave a little message about a fun story between them and the birthday person.

Send Some Virtual Goods

If your birthday buddy plays social games, you’ve got a world of virtual good options to help them out. If they play Farmville, you can buy them enough credits to get that barn they’ve always wanted. If they’re a Hotel City fan, give them a currency boost to help them add five floors to their hotel. Social gaming is all about gifting, and all you’ve gotta do is scan their wall to find out which game they play the most, hop in, and buy them some currency! If you’re short on cash yourself, you can even do some offers to gain the currency to send over!

Buy A Facebook Gift

OK, OK, this isn’t exactly the most unique Facebook birthday sentiment around, but the truth is that the Facebook store has a really wide diversity of cards, icons and more, and if you are willing to pay a few Facebook credits you can get them something that’s right up their alley. For instance, if you have a music lover, the American Greeting section of the Facebook Gift store has a plethora of music based e-cards with real, licensed music and fun accompanying slide shows. Check it out!

Use a Third Party Gift Application

There are many great gift applications that allow you to send gifts for free. Some have extremely high quality and will really bring a smile to the person’s face. A personal favorite of mine is “Tooniez”, which consists of short animation videos with funny characters. Try it out and send one over.

Send a Private Message

There’s no doubt that in today’s Facebook world, it’s tough to read every single Happy Birthday note on your wall (although I’m sure many of us do). If the person has a special meaning, at least shoot them a private message to say Happy Birthday and a few words. Sometimes the public happy birthday can’t really express how you feel about someone, because it’s too public.