Birdopolis again tops this week’s list of emerging Facebook games

Author’s note: For our list of emerging Facebook games, we’re looking at the titles appearing in the 10,000 monthly active user tier.
Nuukster’s Birdopolis once again appears on our list of emerging Facebook games (an honor it’s earned several times in the past), up 28,615 positions with a 73.2 percent traffic gain.
Trivia game Quizz took the No. 2 spot on this week’s list, though this might be a spam title considering screenshots show a pinball-like game; the app moved up 10.137 spots with a 64.81 percent increase. A clone of Splitscreen Studios’ MMO Pirate Galaxy came in at No. 3, sailing up 8,322 spots with a 39.5 percent gain. Turkish basketball title ILikeBasketball had the No. 4 spot this week with a 33.01 percent gain that let it move up 6,419 places. Finally,  Majesco’s Quickhit Football was up 4,392 spots, due to a 29.48 percent increase.
Outside of the top five games, there were two titles that saw traffic increases greater than 30 percent. DragonViking Games’ Slot Pirates jumped up 3,920 spots with a 40.95 percent gain.  A version of YouJoy’s OdinQuest had a 33.47 percent increase, moving it 2,771 positions up the list; the game seems fully playable, so it’s not apparent if this is a legit version of the game being beta tested by the developer or if it’s a clone.

10,000 MAU tier

Gain %
▲28615 (10475)▲73.20  Birdopolis
▲10137 (5505)▲64.81  Quizz
▲8322 (12744)▲39.50  Pirate Galaxy
▲6419 (13024)▲33.01  ILikeBasketball
▲4392 (10506)▲29.48  QUICKHIT Football
▲4069 (10817)▲27.33  Chronicles of Herenvale
▲3920 (5653)▲40.95  Slot Pirates
▲3806 (32691)▲10.43  Spaßige-Wörter-Spiel
▲3130 (11861)▲20.88  Ms. Social by Playboy
▲3078 (11967)▲20.46  Tail Towns Friends
▲2771 (5509)▲33.47  OdinQuest on Gamebox
▲2002 (13584)▲12.84  Mahjong
▲1925 (6924)▲21.75  Antiques Hunter: Portobello Road
▲1920 (12300)▲13.50  Kelime Avcısı
▲1815 (5366)▲25.28  Football Mania
▲1712 (7026)▲19.59  Football Life
▲1533 (6816)▲18.36  Days2Die
▲1518 (10108)▲13.06  Top Gun
▲1510 (7728)▲16.35  Dream World


All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Come back next week for our top weekly gainers by monthly active users on Monday, our daily active users on Wednesday, and the top emerging apps on Friday.