Billy Bush, blogger

bb.jpgA theory: Entertainment ‘news’ show hosts have odd inner lives. Unlike the rest of us for whom ‘celebrity gossip’ and ‘our own problems’ remain in separate cognitive areas (if you don’t believe me on this, read a little Jonathan Lear), those who make their livings repeating repackaged publicist cant to the cameras fail to compartmentalize, or stop compartmentalizing after a few years of milling around the red carpet.

Exhibit A: the blog of ‘Access Hollywood’ anchor Billy Bush. Take this post from January 9, when the world was rocked by news of the Chad-Hilary breakup:

In keeping with my “celebs cooperating” theme of 2006, news of a stunning kind hits the wires. Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe are separating. That is awful. If those two can’t make it work, I feel like all hope is lost.

My parents grew up in a time where divorce and separation was rare. Call it old-fashioned, traditionalist, whatever…I can tell you their marriage certainly brought stability into my life (and I needed it – I was a rowdy young man).

I do not wish to cast judgment on Chad and Hilary, because who really knows what’s at the heart of their problem, but it is sad and it affects me. Sorry to inject MY feelings into this…seems wholly irrelevant and inappropriate…but I’ll try and explain. I hope they exhaust every measure to salvage their marriage. I hope that in no way does their split contribute to other people weakening their resolve. It’s worth it to fight through hard times.

My wife and I have felt loveless and empty at times and each time we make it through a valley, we inevitably reach new heights, peaks higher than we imagined. Part of the reason is the joy that comes with getting a big load off your back…part is simply that in life, so often good comes out of bad.

More after the jump, but you don’t really need to read it to get the point.

Hilary Swank…wow, she seems so principled and frankly unshakable. I look at her Oscar acceptance speech last year (complete with glowing thanks to her supportive and loving husband, which was met with tears in his eyes).

OK, I’ll bring it home now…

I hope Hilary and Chad can work it out. If nothing else, for my sake.

Speaking of the power of marriage…here is an update on my good friend’s wife, Barbara Gundlach, who is still in a coma after more than 100 hours.

To remind you, she fell on her head from about ten feet up while skiing in Austria. The swelling in her cranium has gone from dangerous to stable. She is a physically fit, young woman and that helps.

But, here’s the miracle in the making: her husband, my buddy Andrew, is by her side talking to her. His words I believe will wake her up. Best of all, when they come out of this, their marriage will be bedrock, as Andrew has been confronted first hand with the idea of losing her. I hope that his will and her will meet God’s. Your prayers will help. If you remember, I hope you’ll include her in yours.

Thank you for that.