Bill to be Introduced in NY City Council Making Purchase of Designer Knock-Offs a Class A Misdemeanor

If trying to stop the production of designer knock-offs of bags, shoes, and other apparel sold on the streets of New York with back alley busts and police raids at the supply level don’t seem to be making enough of a dent in the illegal industry, one city council member wants to bring the battle to the street. Later today, Councilwoman Margaret Chin will introduce a bill making it a crime to purchase counterfeit trademarked items, “turning the action into a class A misdemeanor that could include jail time or a $1,000 ticket.” If the bill passes, Chin hopes the fear of a ticket might strike a major blow to the underground industry, while also putting some tax revenue back in the city’s pocket after consumers are then forced to go buy the real thing (or something less expensive, considering $50 probably won’t buy you a genuine Coach bag). Passage of the bill also holds hope that the less money received from the sale of knock-offs will help curb the financing of things like terrorism and child-labor as well. We think New York‘s blog The Cut, also makes a fine, funny point in writing, “Here’s a Great Way to Fine Tourists and City Residents for Being Tacky.”