Bill Press Wonders, What’s Good About Washington?

Lefty radio host Bill Press wrote a column Monday about This Town (that’s column #9,345,789 across the D. C. media landscape, by the way) in which he started out saying, “Because nobody else will defend Washington, I guess I’ll have to.”

Yes! Finally. We got out our popcorn, grabbed a seat in the comfy spot on the couch and then… read 7 of 9 paragraphs in The Hill explaining how D.C. is actually a lot like how This Town describes it. That can’t be all you got, is it Bill?

Actually, he has some ideas…

Press mentions the massive amount of money donated to support Eastern Market when it burned back in 2007 (yes, good). He also brings up the hundreds of thousands of dedicated public servants who keep the government churning no matter the political headwinds (also good) and the revitalization of Anacostia (it is coming along).

Other ideas? What are some more things that separate This Town‘s D.C. from the D.C. we know and, sometimes, even love?

  • We have a bit of vibrant art scene, from theater to galleries—Capital Fringe did just wrap its eighth season, for example. I should know, I was a part of it.
  • Despite no food identity, we’ve got a surprising number of good places to eat and they just keep coming.
  • Segway tours of the city’s many awe inspiring landmarks
  • Like Eastern Market, money poured in to help support the employees of Fragers while it rebuilds.
  • Sorta spontaneous snowball fights in the winter.
  • Collective outrage over the desecration of our many memorials.

While it may not seem at all as if your entire picture of the city comes from This Town, we agree with Press—D.C. has a lot to offer. Have ideas on what This Town has to offer? Send them our way at