Bill Keller Says Rupert Murdoch Is ‘Corrosive’

Any good war pits great generals against one another, and The Wall Street Journal‘s full-frontal assault on The New York Times‘ metro coverage is no exception. Witness a counterattack by Bill Keller, executive editor of the Times, against Rupert Murdoch, CEO of Journal parent News Corp. and outspoken critic of the Times.

Writing about Alan Brinkley’s Henry Luce biography The Publisher for the Times‘ “Book Review” this weekend, Keller ended with a potshot at Murdoch, saying he is a more divisive iteration of the mogul ideal Luce helped define (Luce founded Time magazine):

The last of his breed of media tycoon is a 79-year-old Australian billionaire whose impact has been more corrosive than cohesive.

As the battle for New York readership heats up with the Journal plowing straight into Times‘ metro coverage, Keller has taken a moment to subtly remind readers what he thinks of the man leading the charge.

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