The Ballad of Bill Hader’s Harshest Internet Critic

SNL cast member Bill Hader has told this story at least a couple of times, last spring on “Kevin & Bean” and currently via Bill SimmonsThe B.S. Report. It’s definitely a keeper.

During his first few seasons on the NBC show, Hader would spend Sunday mornings surfing the Internet and reading his worst critics. One of the most notable pans took the form of a long April 2006 blog post titled “The Ballad of SNL’s Bill Hader.”

As Hader tells it, he was in LA the following year for some Superbad re-shoots and found himself being driven by a friend of his roommate’s from the days when he lived here and worked as a PA. During the drive, that mutual acquaintance accidentally revealed himself to be the author of the blog post. Per Hader:

“As we’re talking, he’s like, ‘Yeah, I run this website, it’s called blah blah’… And I go, ‘How do I know that name, and I’m like, oh, that’s the affiliate of…’ Do you know this thing called “Ballad of Bill Hader”? And he’s just silent.”

“And I was like, ‘This is the guy…’ Is that you? Silence, nothing. He drives me all the way down to the lot, we park… I’m like, ‘Im serious, was that you? I’m not mad.’ He’s like, ‘Look man, I’m just a big fan, OK?’ It was such a Travis Bickle moment.”

Hader says the experience pretty much put him off surfing his Internet clippings, to this day.

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