Reporter Remains ‘Livid’ About Spiking of 2005 Bill Cosby Expose

The Bill Cosby news stream continues to unfurl at a furious pace. And from an inside-media perspective, one of  the biggest headlines remains the business explored by Mark Ebner and now, The Guardian.

New York-based Guardian reporter Ed Pilkington spoke to Robin Mizrahi (pictured), the journalist whose National Enquirer 2005 expose was spiked after pressure from Cosby attorneys. (Details of this pressure and editorial flip, which resulted in the piece being replaced with a more straightforward Cosby denial, were documented in the Andrea Constand civil lawsuit.) The original Enquirer story centered around the civil suit’s “Jane Doe No. 5:”

Mizrahi made contact with Beth Ferrier, who alleged that she too had been drugged and sexually molested by the entertainer. The Enquirer brought Ferrier to Los Angeles from her home in Denver, where she was then working as a model, and Mizrahi interviewed her and arranged for her to undergo a lie detector test.

“She passed the polygraph test with flying colors,” Mizrahi told the Guardian. “She had a very, very detailed description of what allegedly happened which I still remember because it was so haunting. She said Cosby had stood over her and then she fell asleep because there was something in her coffee.”

Per Pilkington, four months after the Enquirer flip, Ferrier’s claims were covered in the Philadelphia Daily News. Mizrahi says she has remained livid to this day about the Enquirer‘s decision.

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