Bill Carter, Michael Wolff Join THR Contributing Editor Ranks

They will write periodically for print and online, as news warrants.

With Bill Carter, you get subject matter expertise like this:

I interviewed David Letterman for the first time when I was reporting my book The Late Shift in 1993. He was then, and has remained, the most reliably great interview subject I can remember. I met him in his office at the Ed Sullivan Theater. We were scheduled to chat for an hour; we went for five.

And with Michael Wolff, you get boldly stated analysis like this:

With some thought, what you arguably had in Brian Williams was the perfect cable news personality: a man with a vivid personal story and need for redemption, and, not unhelpfully at all, a tendency toward self-dramatization, together with a quick wit and that all-important cable ability to go on the air for long periods without prep or notes — and who, to boot, was easy on the eyes (rarer and rarer in cable).

So it’s no surprise that our sister publication The Hollywood Reporter has chosen to firm up its relationship with these name-brand media critics by elevating both to the position of contributing editor. They join a THR group that includes Tina Daunt (politics), Jonathan Handel (labor) and Carolyn Giardina (technology).

“Michael and Bill are both incredibly skilled reporters and writers with vast experience and impeccable sources,” THR executive editor Matthew Belloni said in a statement to FishbowlNY. “We’re excited to bring their work to readers of The Hollywood Reporter.”

Carter and Wolff will write periodically for both the print mag and the website, as news warrants.