Bill Belichick Details His Lifelong Love Affair With Nantucket

Patriots coach and longtime girlfriend Linda Holliday cover Nantucket magazine 15th anniversary issue

Towards the end of 2016, photographer Kelly Brett snapped David Ortiz, in a black dress shirt and blazer, for the cover of Boston Common magazine’s
Men’s Issue. Now, just in time for the July 4 holiday, she has delivered Patriots head coach Bill Bellichik and his longtime girlfriend Linda Holliday in series of sweetly lit shots for Nantucket magazine’s 15th anniversary issue cover story.

As was the case with Ortiz, the tie is absent. Belichick sports a blue blazer and matching open crisp white shirt. At one point in the interview, reporter Robert Cocuzzo appears to detour into some dangerous questioning territory:

Then, this question: “Bill, you’re obviously very well compensated for what you do…” The conversation suddenly groans to a halt. The interview has just entered uncharted waters and an uncomfortable silence floods the room. Waiting for the rest of the question, Belichick stares back with a look that could stop a bullet.

But this is a piece for N magazine, not 60 Minutes. So Cocuzzo follows with, ‘…But are you paid well enough to shop at the ‘Sconset Market?’ A reference to the island’s purveyor “fancy groceries” in Siasconset:

The coach throws his head back and breaks out into a full belly laugh. Holliday joins him. “The market is great, but the prices…” he jokes, continuing to chuckle. “That place could be a study in monopolies!” Belichick clearly loves what the ‘Sconset Market represents. Like so many spots on the island, the ‘Sconset Market connects him with his past, conjuring fond memories of when his children were young and began the day by scampering up to buy warm baked goods for breakfast. “The baked goods there are pretty hard to resist,” he says, smiling, “especially their muffins or cookies.” “And the ice cream,” Holliday adds. “Nothing better than walking down there to get ice cream.”

Except maybe, in Belichick’s case, taking a spin in his boat VII Rings, rechristened once again in February following another Super Bowl victory. Check out Brett’s other photos here.

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