Big Trouble in Little Plano


And finally, on our “quirky things of the day” day, reader Lee Shiney dropped us a line late yesterday with a link to a story in the Dallas News. It’s about the city of Plano, Texas trying to decide if they should incorporate a new town logo or just stick to the same one they’ve had for years. And it’s been a big issue, apparently, with the City Council split right down the middle. The whole thing is just a funny, quick read, and we figure you’ll enjoy it plenty. Here’s the best part, a conversation between the con-side and the pro-side:

“Why are we doing this?” council member Loretta Ellerbe asked Monday night during a testy debate that ended with the council split down the middle.

“Because we’re cool, and we’re into the future, and we’re cutting-edge,” said Mayor Pat Evans, who likes the new P.

Right on!