Big Marketers Have Real-Time Data for Just About Everything

Bottlenose and other tech players display their wares at I-Com

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Shubu Mitra, director of connection planning effectiveness and productivity for Coca-Cola, spent about 20 minutes of his time yesterday getting a personal product demo from Nova Spivack, CEO of Bottlenose, who earlier had wowed I-Com attendees with a presentation about his unusual data platform.

Given that rival Pepsi is a Bottlenose client, Mitra got a rare peek at what Pepsi marketers have been generally looking at for the last several months, including real-time data from TV, radio, social media, paid digital advertising, etc.

Bottlenose, based in Los Angeles, offers sentiment analysis around TV and radio. That's right—sentiment stats in real-time just like brands have been getting for Facebook, YouTube and Twitter in recent years. The data includes all brand mentions in news segments—and even lets the user watch the mentions while they are happening. And you can mesh all the broadcast, social and digital data together to try to understand what it all means. Onlookers were roundly impressed with Spivack's presentation.

Speaking with Adweek, Spivack wouldn't address specific brands, but it's public record that Pepsi is a client, and it's extremely clear that the beverage giant is getting the benefits of his innovation. Bottlenose last week announced that it had partnered with Critical Mention to enable the TV and radio data monitoring.

So besides the tapas, flamenco and rustic charms, this is why Coke, Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg Co., and other huge brands flocked this week to Seville, Spain. To quote one attendee, "We learn a lot of good things during the day, and then we get drunk together at night and tell each other things about our business that we shouldn't."

While Mitra couldn't attest to Pepsi marketers' level of discretion during the wee hours—the soda slinger didn't come to the show—he got a look at what data sets they can consider while weighing other technologies that were central to I-Com's program.

Below are Instagram videos of tech execs who pitched their wares in the halls of the Hotel Alfonso XIII in central Seville. Check out their 15-second spiels.

Spivack of Bottlenose talks about his data.

Duncan McCall, PlaceIQ chief, chats about the insights platform his firm announced Thursday, letting marketers combine device-based location data with consumer behaviors such as product purchases. Mobile's been a bigger discussion point this year compared to the last I-Com.

Brand Karma won I-Com's Data Creativity award for the incredible Facebook results it produced for Starwood Hotels in Asia. Mario Jobbe, coo of the Singapore-based tech company, is getting ready to open an office in New York this summer, so it's possible Brand Karma's work might become known in America, too. He describes what his team does with data, below.

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