Big Company, Big Social Media Team

thanks to @morrick for the screenshot

For any given company of almost any size, about one in every 330 employees at that company are tasked with/allowed to post to official social media accounts, a new study finds.

That means that a large company with over 100,000 employees have 280 people managing social media channels.

A company with 7,500 employees has 22 Twitter and Facebook folks.

Smaller companies’ ratios are a bit bigger: a company with a thousand employees usually had one of every 200 employees publishing; and obviously startups with 10 employees still have a Twitter account, so that’s an even bigger ratio.

To us, 200 employees doing social seems like a lot: after all, don’t you want your accounts to have a unified voice and brand? But we suppose if you have 100,000 employees, you probably have many customers who can’t be handled by just one or two posters.

In fact, Web Strategist, which conducted the survey, says that more employees will be granted social access, not fewer, as Internet culture “relaxes” and the younger generation gets promoted into positions of responsibility.