Bicycles Locked to Poles

Bicycles Locked to Poles

John Glassie‘s exhibition of photos opens at the gallery this evening. I’m about to head off and attend to the last minute details. If you’re in the city and craving some free wine (only the finest vintage, my darlings, truly), do stop by. The reception is from 6pm-8pm.

Here, for your reading pleasure, is the email that subscribers to my mailing list received earlier today:

Reception Tonight (Tuesday): 6pm-8pm

In honor of National Bike Month and sad abandoned bicycles throughout our fair city, I present to you our next exhibition:

Bicycles Locked to Poles

Photographs + a Book by John Glassie

The exhbition includes 17 photographs from the book.

We have a limited number of signed advance copies of the book at the gallery. If you want one, and you know you do, please email us and we’ll set one aside for you.

jen bekman

6 Spring St (between Elizabeth + Bowery)

NYC 10012



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About the Book:

Bicycles Locked to Poles, the book (McSweeney’s, $14.00 U.S., $21.00 Canada), features 90 color photographs, a graphical guide to present, damaged and missing bicycle parts, and a quote from Marvin Minsky’s The Society of Mind. Bicycles Locked to Poles is a rare treasury for anyone interested in bikes, poles, locks or the forgotten artifacts of the urban landscape.