Bhutan Gets Busy


This was an interesting story we found accidentally while randomly browsing through news feeds. It’s a story about Bhutan, the itty-bitty kingdom in the Himalayas that, in 2001, decided that it needed to start joining the rest of the world in becoming more built-up and more relevant. And where better to start than with the capital city? They hired architect Christopher Charles Benninger to plan a whole new city center, build a gigantic capitol building, and, in general, just give the entire place a massive overhaul, thirty kilometers all around. It’s a great story about not only Benninger, an ex-pat of 35 something years who fell in love with India and just decided to stay, but also about this massive redevelopment. It’s sort of like the Mayor of Toledo waking up one morning and saying, “Enough of this! We need a whole new town!” and then having it happen. Really incredible.