BH City Manager is Stoned

granite.jpgApparently, Beverly Hills City Manager Roderick Wood has just redone his bathroom. How else to explain why he’d decide he wants to replace the plain ol’ concrete along Rodeo Drive with — get this, granite?

“Never mind that the city just wrapped up a $16-million, two-year streetscape makeover that included new concrete sidewalks,” Bob Pool writes in the LAT. Wood “wants merchants to pay the $850-per-linear-foot cost of the granite.”

We had for years wondered how a city of 10 million could support nearly as many posh shopping centers. Now we know: It can’t.

But the answer isn’t granite, Mr. Wood. The US Weekly readers of the world go to Rodeo Drive thinking they’ll see celebrities. Instead of throwing money into the ground, we recommend hiring A-listers to hang out on street corners and look conspicuous.

Hey, we hear Tom Cruise is looking for work.