BGR’s T-Mobile G1 V2 Photo Looks Like an iPhone Photoshopped on a Keyboard

Image courtesy of Boy Genius Report

I’ve been a somewhat harsh critic of the T-Mobile G1 Android-based phone. In fact, I pre-ordered one, took delivery of it and promptly returned it for a refund after using it for 10 days. Of the various issues I found with it, I’ve frequently mentioned its sheer ugliness despite the fact that this particular shortcoming was not involved in my returning it for a refund. Still, I was happy to see what looks like a nice looking photo of its successor in The Boy Genius Report…

T-Mobile’s Walmart roadmap: T-Mobile G1 v2

However, the more I look at it the more I think that someone just photoshopped the top-half of an iPhone 3G onto some photoshopped HTC keyboard (Windows Mobile “windows” key removed).


You can see a photo of my iPhone 3G sitting on top of an HTC TyTn with its keyboard partially pulled out. By the way, note that the Google page on the so-called G1 V2 is in portrait orientation even though pulling the keyboard should switch it to landscape.

I really hope the photo is of an actual G1 V2 (or whatever it is called) though. It sure looks a lot better and more functional than the current T-Mobile G1.