BFD Headlines At a GD Glance

Time for some fun. So these are the headlines we’ve been blessed with from V.P. Joe Biden’s dropping of the F-Bomb. We’ve categorized them from Great to Good to Mundane to just plain Disappointing. For those who don’t want to see the word f–king written out, do not read on.


WTF Did Biden Just Say?
A brief history of bad language in Washington.

Joe Biden, say it ain’t f——- so!
Irish Central

Biden Turns Air Blue At Health Bill Signing
Sky News

Still not covered by health care: Biden’s mouth
Chicago Tribune

Joe Biden’s F-bomb stinker
Kansas City Star

Joe Biden’s Life: One Big F–king Deal After Another
Huffington Post(blog)

Joe Biden: ‘This is a big fucking deal’
The Guardian (blog)

How big a deal? Ask Joe Biden
The Associated Press

It was a big day for Obama (and a big f***ing deal for Joe Biden)

Biden’s Big (Bleepin’) Deal?
Newsweek (blog)


Biden Drops F-Bomb on Obama

Oh, That Joe! (No. 49 in a Series) – Vice President Biden Sums Up Health Care
ABC News (blog)

Barack Obama’s landmark health reforms marred by Biden gaffe
The Guardian

Biden’s ‘big … deal’

White House shrugs off Biden F-Bomb
CNN Political Ticker (blog)

Healthcare bill signing a 4-letter word

At White House, Biden’s Expletive Caught on Open Mike
New York Times (blog)

Biden’s F-Bomb: A Blunder That Sullied A Historic Moment
Hartford Courant

Biden Expletive on Par With Party Atmosphere
FNC (blog) ?

Biden’s Colorful Language?


Joe Biden drops the f-word during health care signing
Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)

Joe Biden drops F-bomb in Obama’s ear at health care reform bill ceremony

Biden Drops The ‘F’ Bomb At Health Care Bill Signing Ceremony
NPR (blog)

Joe Biden drops the f-word during health care signing
Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)


Healthcare bill signing: exuberance, exclamations, expletives

Biden Drops F-Bomb at Historic Signing
New York Post
(We expect more from NYP)

Vice Prez Joe Biden Drops the F-Bomb (blog)
(We expect more from TMZ)

Biden swears at health bill signing

Biden drops F-bomb about the health care vote

Dems Celebrate as Obama Signs Health Bill; Biden Drops F-Bomb
Wall Street Journal (blog)