Beyoncé Brings the World to Attention for Humanitarian Day

How do you get 1.13 billion people to “do something good, somewhere, for someone else”? Why, you show them a Beyoncé video, of course! Throw in some impressive CGI and inspiring imagery from around the globe and you’re golden, baby!

For this year’s World Humanitarian Day, which took place on August 19, the United Nations partnered with digital ad agency Droga5 to reach hundreds of millions of people with that very simple, universal message. The campaign, titled “I Was Here” (Twitter hashtags #WHD2012 and #IWASHERE), drew its inspiration from a Beyoncé song of the same name, so of course she was a natural choice to take part in a campaign that will also help burnish her humanitarian cred (the video already has well  over 4 million views):

In addition to the viral video, Droga5 created a campaign website housing an interactive map on which users could pin “I Was Here” markers to document their good deeds and share them via social networks. The plan worked–according to Thunderclap, a new platform owned by Droga5 and used to power and aggregate the site, tis message reached 1.13 billion people, a total well over the UN’s goal of a few hundred million.

Beyonce wasn’t the only A-list star to help bolster the remarkable reach of the campaign either; Lady Gaga, Michelle Obama, and Justin Bieber, along with highly recognizable brands like Coca-Cola, MTV and Oreo, were also outspoken supporters. It’s always heartening to see stars and big brands using their hefty PR power for good–so keep paying it forward, people! When we say “it” we don’t necessarily mean a plate of humanitarian Oreos, but we wouldn’t complain…