Here’s Why @Beyonce Doesn’t Use #Twitter

Here's Why @Beyonce Doesn't Use Twitter

Beyoncé Knowles has almost 14 million Twitter followers but has only tweeted eight times in more than five years. Her last tweet was in August 2013.


Here's Why @Beyonce Doesn't Use Twitter

Yesterday at the Web Summit conference in Dublin, Musically‘s Stuart Dredge interviewed Lauren Wirtzer-Seawood, who handles digital strategy for Beyoncé’s management/digital/creative studio, Parkwood Entertainment.

Wirtzer-Seawood’s remit includes social media, and she chatted with Dredge about how her boss uses these channels.

“We take a very strategic approach to platforms. Primarily we use Facebook and Instagram at this point,” said Wirtzer-Seawood. “Instagram is something that Beyoncé most of the time uses directly herself: she posts pictures. It’s her way of communicating to fans a little bit of what her personal life is like.”

“We’re very careful not to be too salesy in anything that we do,” she added. “That’s not the kind of relationship that Beyoncé has with her fans. She wants it to be organic, and she wants it to really come from her. And it does.”

And Twitter?

“We don’t use Twitter at all. It is a personal choice. I think as an artist, Beyoncé really prefers to communicate in images. It’s very hard to say what you want to say in 140 characters,” said Wirtzer-Seawood. “This is just a personal preference to her. But also the Twitter channels are so crowded: it’s a different kind of experience that the fan has.”

(Source: Musically.)