Beyoncé Reaches A Million Fans On Twitter… Without Writing A Single Tweet

In April 2009, Ashton Kutcher became the first person on Twitter to reach one million followers.

Back then, it was kind of a big deal. Things change. At the time of writing, 375 people can boast at least that number, and earlier this month Charlie Sheen officially became the fastest profile to hit that mark.

One of the latest members of the million club is R&B superstar Beyoncé Knowles (@beyonce), who passed the magic number a couple of weeks ago.

As I said above, there’s nothing particularly unusual about a celebrity finding this kind of audience, especially for someone who’s been on Twitter as long as Knowles, who signed up way back in April, 2009 (coincidentally a couple of days before Kutcher reached his million).

And yeah, I know – follow counts on Twitter don’t matter.

(Except when they do.)

But what’s semi-interesting about Beyoncé’s news is that she’s done this without writing even a single tweet. Not one.


(It’s also worth noting that Beyonce’s husband and rap icon Jay Z is also on Twitter, does tweet a lot, and can only boast an audience a third of the size of his missus.)

The account isn’t verified, and only follows 11 people (including Beyoncé’s sister, Solange), but to have been left alone by Twitter for almost two years means there’s a very high probability it’s the real thing. It’s almost a dead cert.

And all of this has been done without even showing up. You have to wonder: if and when Beyoncé ever decides to grace Twitter with her presence and, you know, actually write something, just how many followers could she reach?